About the Owner

Touch of Class was designed and constructed by the renowned Stuart Hinde with the assistance of his two sons and the enthusiastic locals of Eleuthera. Mr. Hinde, the owner of British_Boys_&_Associates,_Inc., was the lead carpenter and active cast member on HGTV's Color Splash Miami. Collaborating with David Bromstad for two years he brought David's visions to tangible reality with each successive episode of the popular show. Additionally, the famous Miami and Miami Beach nightlife flows through many clubs and restaurants constructed and developed by him. Across the Atlantic, Mr. Hinde's sister, Julie Hinde Fleming, offers a different but equally enriching experience in breathtaking Braithwaite, England called Orchard_Grove_Bed_and_Breakfast. Mr. Hinde's wealth of design experience and concern for client comfort are showcased in every detail of Touch of Class.



Renters Application

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A copy of the renter's check will act as a temporary hold (5 days) if the check is not received within 5 days the space requested will no longer be reserved and become available to the public again. A 50% deposit of the total amount due is required to reserve Touch of Class. The remaining total balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.

Nonsufficient checks will incur a $50.00 processing fee. All monies are refundable prior to 60 days of arrival date. A written notice must be given. Subject to a $50.00 admin fee.

If canceled after the 60 day period no monies will be refunded unless Touch of Class can be rented to another. If Touch of Class can be rented all monies will be returned less a $100.00 cancellation fee. It is advised that travel insurance is taken out to avoid issues due to sickness, weather or any other reason beyond our control.


Flight Information

From The US

Either fly directly to Eleuthera from Ft Lauderdale, Miami or fly directly to Nassau from your city of origin.

Ft. Lauderdale or Miami:

1. Continental

2. United

3. Twin Air Calypso

4. American Eagle

Flights to Nassau

These are some cities in the USA that fly directly to Nassau.

Boston: US Air.

New York: US Air, Jet Blue, Delta, Spirit Air

Providence: Spirit Air.

Philidelphia: US Air, Jet Blue, Delta.

Atlantic City: Spirit Air.

Washington DC: US Air. United, Bahamas Air, Spirit Air.

Atlanta: Delta, Spirit Air.

Tampa: American, Spirit Air.

Orlando: Bahamas Air, Delta, Spirit Air.

Memphis: Bahamas Air.

Charlotte: Bahamas Air.

Chicago: American, Spirit Air.

Dallas: American, Spirit Air.

Detroit: Spirit Air.

Nassau to Eleuthera

Once in Nassau you have 3 possibilities to get to Eleuthera.

1. Bahamas Air

2. Southern Air Charter

3. Bahamas Fast Ferries

4. Pineapple Air

Consult the ferry schedule, you may find this possibility part of the adventure of going to Eleuthera!

Contact us now to book your stay at Touch of Class, or check out our Availability Calander to plan your trip now!
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