Inclusive with the rental is free access to two brand new kayaks!

Snorkeling equipment as well is included and supplied for your convenience and leisure.

17’0” open fishing boat rental is available if you are an experienced boater and yearn to fish the bountiful coastal waters.

Also Jet Skis coming soon POA.


Places of Interest

My favorite thing to do is simply drive around and explore. Taking a turn down a dirt road will amaze you with the things you come across. Here are some examples of what you can run into in Eleuthera.

Light House Point

This place is simply awesome and is at the southernmost tip of the island. Follow Queens Highway down through Rock Sound; you will come to a few forks in the road: STAY LEFT! There are no signs. Then in Bannerman Town the paved road will take a 90 degree turn and turn into a dirt road. Go straight on the dirt road to... Light House Point! Warning: The road does get rough, you are best off in an SUV or equivelant.

Surfers Beach

Another must and my favorite beach! Awesome view, well formed waves. Near Gregory Town. ThESE DIRECTIONS SHOULD BE REWRITTEN OR NEED EXPLAINING THEY ARE VERY CONFUSING.

Harbour Island

Called the Nantucket of the Bahamas. A small island 3 miles off of the norther tip of Eleuthera. It has many quant houses on hills and a great 3 miles of beach. Concentrations of great restaurants, bars, etc. Once there you travel around by golf cart, no car needed.

Pam's Island Made Gift Shop

In Gregory Town; has lots of clothes, books, gifts particular to Eleuthera; can buy Dr. Seabreeze's CDs there, as well as "Beaches of Eleuthera".

Dr. Seabreeze

The local troubadour. Sings at the Rainbow Inn in Hatchet Bay every Wednesday and Friday. Friendly guy. Tell him I sent you, and he will insult you with a barrage of native Bahamian swear words! I tell him musicians are the cheapest people on earth; he just agrees with me, and buys the next round, on me.


Check out the fisherman, who bring in their fish and lobster at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon in both Tarpum Bay and Governor's Harbour. Ask around, and people will tell you where to wait. The fishermen come in in Governor's Harbour across from Pyfrom's Liquor Store. To see if they have arrived, you can call Patricia Bethel at Pyfroms Liquor, who just looks out the window to see if they have arrived: PHONE: 332-2650. If you like, you can ask around, and the fishermen will take you out on their boat for the day, for a fee.

Fishing & Diving Guides

Wesley Carey of Tarpum Bay, has a nice boat and charges about $300 per day for a couple; he supplies the fishing poles, etc. He's a gentleman. He will also take you on a day trip to a deserted island off the coast of Cape Eleuthera, called "Bottle Cay" for about $150. Another guide who knows the water like the back of his hand is Kelsey Rankine of Savananna Sound. His phone number is 332-6035.

Diving & Snorkeling

We have a 2 sets of fins and masks for your use at the house; if you want a "Hawaiian sling", a spear of sorts, you can rent one from Clearwater Dive Shop in Governor's Harbour. If you are a diving expert, you can also rent scuba tanks, etc. at Clearwater. Ask for Valencia. It would be a good idea to call them to see what equipment they have, if you are a serious diver and plan on renting lots of stuff.


The best restaurant, in my opinion, is Mate and Jenny's. It has great chicken, steak and conch pizza. My favorite conch chowder is made at Unique Village. Unique Village also has the best breakfast. The owner of Mate and Jenny's, Maitlan, is very friendly. Best bar for drinking and meeting locals is Ronnie's at Cupids Cay. Rainbow Inn has good seafood and native Bahamian dishes. The Cigatoo Inn has an interesting combination of Chinese and Bahamian food, and it is excellent.

ALSO, Natasha the housekeeper will cook for you given a days notice, check with Natasha for menu and prices. 242-553-5607

Internet Connection

If you want to check your email, go to Haynes Public Library in Governor's Harbour; costs $5 for 15 minutes. Or you can pay $25 to use the internet, unlimited time, for a week. Hours are Mon-Fri 9 to 5; Saturday 10 to 4.

Muriels Bay

A good local bakery on Church Rd in North Palmetto Point, near the huge tree on the road to Sable Rose.

Schooner's Bar

(Note: Bottle Cay, one of the Schooner Cays, was just sold, so you might have to avoid this Cay; Wesley will know) this island was just sold, so I cannot guarantee. These are a set of small islands off the coast of Cape Eleuthera, about a 20 minute ride by boat from Cape Eleuthera; one of the islands is Bottle Cay, about a ten acre island, with a nice beach; you will be alone on this island! Wesley Carey can take you there by his boat in Cape Eleuthera; or you can combine it for fishing, diving, or whatever; he is very fair with his prices, and has a nice boat. Or you could arrange with Wesley to drop you off in the morning, and pick you up before nightfall. A deserted island to yourself all day for no charge!!


A nice chap by the name of Mark Adams, originally a music teacher from England, has settled in Eleuthera, and would be happy to take you out on his sailing dinghy, or his large boat, a 22 foot Westerly.

Not sure about the charges, but I am sure it is inexpensive, because he likes to meet people and loves sailing. You can call him at 242-554-6950 to arrange your rendezvous.

Kemps Creek

A great place to snorkel. Take a picnic there, and make a day of it. It is on the Caribbean side, so the water is usually calm, and it is also a sheltered area, like a lagoon, with a sandy bottom. DIRECTIONS: From the house turn left on queens hwy (south) go about a mile you will see exit for Ten Bay (another great beach) do a U-turn at that exit and head back toward the house the next dirt road turn down follow the road and you will run right into it.

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